Contract Curing


At Maynard’s Farm we offer a contract curing service tailored to your needs. Whether you are a smallholder growing a couple of porkers for the kitchen table or a large scale pig producer wholesaling into the trade, we can arrange to have your pigs slaughtered and delivered to us making your life as easy as possible .

All our dry cures and brines are unique to Maynard’s Farm and are created here on site using top quality sugars, salts, treacles, honey, herbs and spices. Our ethos of sourcing locally wherever possible even runs true with our cures. The salt is mined in Northwich salt mines and the oak wood shavings come from a saw mill 3 miles away.

The process – loins of pork and pork bellies are hand rubbed with our bespoke cures consisting of sugars, salts and curing salts and left for a week. At the end of this process they are matured for another 3–4 weeks ensuring a mature bacon ready for slicing. Some are then steeped in treacle or honey or smoked over oak chippings in our brick kiln smokehouse for up to 48 hours.

Shoulders and legs are brine cured thus ensuring an evenly cured product which is succulent and juicy. These are then brined for a week and then matured and dried to produce the perfect ham and collar bacon. Some are then smoked for up to 48 hours depending on your requirements.

Some customers prefer to use the shoulders for sausages or  keep some for pork joints for the freezer.

To discuss your individual requirements please telephone Rob on
07929 321353