Ordering Maynard’s Farm Products

It couldn’t be easier to order Maynard’s Farm Bacons, Sausages, Burgers, Hams, Joints and other pork products. You can pick it up from the shop or we will deliver it to your door – whatever is easier. Please call our friendly staff on 01948 840252 to place an order. Delivery charges may apply.

Maynard’s Farm Bacon:
Tasty pigs are used to make the fabulous range of flavours which keep being added to due to customer requests for something new – the latest experiment is Bacon with Perry. Short back and streaky – it all makes good bacon!
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Maynard’s Farm Sausages

Sausages provide a way of experimenting even further with herbs, fruits and all sorts of ingredients that you would not necessarily think of in a sausage. There is a sausage for every occasion!
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Maynard’s Farm Hams

Maynard’s Farm Hams are renowned in Shropshire and the local counties as a delicacy that is not just for Christmas but also for entertaining throughout the year. Hams can be bought uncooked or cooked with a glaze. They are produced from locally reared pigs and cured in a sweet Cheshire cure of demerara sugar and Nantwich salt. Maynard’s Farm smoked hams are delicately smoked over oak chippings in our brick kiln.
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Maynard’s Farm Pork and other Pork Products

Simply as it is – as always it is about the raw ingredient and then how it is kept, cared for and then prepared as joints for cooking at home or in restaurant and caterers kitchens. Look at our recipe area for ideas on how to use this – the most versatile of meats. All joints cut to your required size. Yet another use of the pig – Maynard’s Farm Black Pudding – there is not much that we do not use! Quality meat is key and this is always guaranteed.
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