Rob and his team spend time carefully completing the process at Maynard’s Farm. Curing is what creates the depth of flavour. Rob is also careful to use local ingredients wherever possible in his process such as salt from the Northwich Salt Mines in the Cheshire Plains.

Selected flitches of bacon are smoked in the Maynard’s Farm Smokehouse. The brick chamber is blackened by years of smoking. The rich smell is deliciously intense as the flitches hang from high hooks, taking in the wooded smokiness over a period of 48 hours. The wood shavings used for smoking only travel a few miles from nearby Wem.

Experimentation and tasting is all part of the process of developing flavours. Consistency of existing flavours such as Treacle Cured and Shropshire Mild – is vital so that customers always know what they will be eating. Then there is the excitement of developing new flavours and seeing what tastes good enough for customers.

We sell to selective supermarkets, other farm shops, delis and garden centres and we strongly believe in creating a long term relationship with our clients which involves visiting them regularly and keeping them up to date with any new lines or promotions we may have. Testament to this is that many of our clients have been with us since we tookover and started growing the wholesale side of the business in 2001.

Maynard’s is not just about bacon but anything to do with pork and the range keeps extending – sausages, burgers, joints, hams, charcuterie, pork pies.

To discuss your individual requirements please telephone Nigel on
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 or email nigel@maynardsfarm.co.uk